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How great are Ursula Vernon and Kevin Sonney of Dark Canvas Media? So great! Add my partner in all things J.R. Blackwell, and you've got a episode that was an absolute dream to record!

If you haven't already checked out The Hidden Almanac, you really should:

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Episode 13: Welcome To The Hidden Almanac


My wife and I venture into the heart of an unnamed land to meet with a man who has all the answers. In fact, one might say that he has more answers than he knows what to do with.


Special thanks to Ursula Vernon and Kevin Sonney of Dark Canvas Media, who allowed me to romp around in their world a bit. You can find out more about The Hidden Almanac at

This episode featured music by Kosta T. The Voice of Free Planet X theme is by Russell Collins.

Artwork for the episode was done by Ursula Vernon.

This episode could not have existed without the performances of J.R. Blackwell, Kevin Sonney, Urusla Vernon, and the support of listeners like you. You can support the Voice of Free Planet X at

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