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The Voice of Free Planet X returns to the Philadelphia Podcast Festival, and we've got a hell of a guest! Lucifer, Who Is The Morningstar has agreed to an interview, so we're all in for a devil of time! Catch the show June 23, 4pm, at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse.

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That's one hell of cast, isn't it? Only the best for the Philadelphia Podcast Festival.

Musician Zaki Hagins joins J.r. Blackwell, Andy Holman Hunter, CJ Higgins, Phil Thomas, Jennifer Rodgers and, of course, Russell Collins as Lucifer Who Is The Morningstar.

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Rev. Charon's got a great guest for their hit talk show What The Blessing: The Voice of Free Planet X's own Jared Axelrod! But things do not quite go as planned...

Whether you are just coming to VFPX or an long-time fan, this episode is a must-listen!

Recorded live at Balticon 52!



The Voice of Free Planet X is written and directed by Jared Axelrod.

This episode could not have existed without the performances of Christiana Ellis of Space Casey & Five More Minutes, Jason Gregory Banks of Talk Nerdy 2 Me, Dave Robison of The Roundtable Podcast, A. F. Grappin & Erin Kazmark of The Melting Podcast, John WalkerTee Morris,  J.R. Blackwell, Allie Press and the support of listeners like you. You can support the Voice of Free Planet X at

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