The Voice of Free Planet X

True stories of fictional people, from Jadzia Axelrod


Aliens You Will Meet - The Jugulites The Jugulites will not allow you to land on their planet, as they have a deep-seated distrust of off-worlders.  Despite your best efforts, the Jugulites will fire on your diplomatic vessal, severely damaging it beyond repair.  As you float aimlessly through space with only the barest of life-support, the Jugulites will apologize but will not help you, as they will say that your ship started it, by looking at them funny.
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Aliens You Will Meet - The Mud Pits of Orlandeer The pleasure planet of Orlandeer offers many delights for the weary traveler.  It is recommended that you not spent too much time in the soothing Orlandeerian Mud-Pits of Relaxation.  While the Orlandeerian mud will be soothing and stimulating, the noxious smell will follow you long after the relaxation has faded.
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