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Kevin & Ursula Eat Cheap - A Haiku of Garbage Food

To tide you over until Season 2 of The Voice of Free Planet X begins, here's the time J.R. Blackwell and I visited the home of our dear friends Ursula Vernon and Kevin Sonney and appeared on their show, Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap. We ate...well, I'll let them tell it:


Our dear friends Jared Axelrod and J.R. Blackwell were visiting this weekend, and brought us a present: a box of hand-made candies shaped like animal poop! Sharing is caring, so we all sat down and shared those. But no show is complete without beer and wine, flavored potato chips, and things best left in the freezer section of your local market, so we had some of that too. 

Plus a rye from the wilds of PA, heat-and-eat noodles, and something called "Stage Planks" when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

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The Stellar Cast of "How's It Gonna End"

Part of the reason "How's It Gonna End" is so great is the cast, the largest one yet. It's pretty much an all-star cast of my favorite web entertainments: Jason Banks of Talk Nerdy 2 Me, Phil Thomas of West Phillians, and Christiana Ellis of Space Casey & Five More Minutes join VFPX stalwarts Kennedy Allen of The Black Tribbles  and Chris Morse of Supervillian Corner. Rounding out the cast is Whitney Strix Beltr├ín, making an impressive VFPX debut as a character we're going to see a lot of in the future, and Kate Axelrod, who puts the button on the episode with the practiced disdain that can only come from growing up with me as a brother.

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