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Episode 159: Meet Wigwam Bam Tee Morris provides the talent and the skill to bring to life Wigwam Bam, one of the many alien puppets who will be at Aliens You Will Meet LIVE at Dragon*Con '08.

Thanks, Tee.

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Title footage taken from the public domain film "Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe."

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FanboyHell Episode 17:Jared Axelrod Dark Knight Interveiw

In this Episode of FanboyHell with Otakon and other fun and personal stuff going on, I decided to do something a little different. This is my interview with the well spoken and dressed Jared Axelrod of The Voice of Free Planet X and Aliens You Will Meet podcast. I interviewed him a couple of weeks ago in his home. He was nice enough to cook a great dinner for me and MAinPA and sit down and give me some of his thoughts on everything Batman. I apologize if this isn't our normal quality but this is pretty much me and him sitting on the floor in his foyer talking Batman.  We discuss everything The Dark Knight and some Watchmen and the state of comic book movies and honestly there isn't another person I thought was better for the task.  Jared is a huge Batman fan, writer, artist, podcaster, side show performer, puppeteer and one of the most prolific(and good) cosplayers I know. The picture on the cover art, yeah thats him. I just want to warn you there are alot of spoilers and honestly I think everyone should have seen this by now.  Techinically MAinPA is also in the show as well you can hear her and J.R. Blackwell talking in the background the entire time. Hee.


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Jared Axelrod

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Opening and Closing songs by Undergirl
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Episode 158: Gimmie Shelter The Voice of Free Planet X's first video episode explores the experimental zombie-apocalypse role-playing game "Shelter In Place." The game's creator, J.R. Blackwell, is interviewed along with footage of the very first round of this scary, cinematic game.

Special thanks to the "Shelter In Place" players, and to Kae and Richard Kalwaic for the use of their home.

Title footage taken from the public domain film "Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe."

The Voice of Free Planet X theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of
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Aliens You Will Meet - The Querylon Warriors On Querylon, you will be asked to show your physical prowess by engaging in ritualistic combat with members of their warrior class.  Though the Querylon warriors are only one third of your size, they are still a force to be reckoned with.  Remember to aim low, and watch out for their tiny, tiny horses.
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EP171: Fenneman’s Mouth

By Andy Duncan.
Read by Jared Axelrod (of The Voice of Free Planet X).


The studio audience laughed loudly, as it always did when Groucho turned, in mock desperation or annoyance, to his long-suffering, hopelessly square announcer. Groucho’s voice slightly increased in pitch whenever he said Fenneman’s name, as if he were just at the edge of losing his celebrated cool. This half-squawk had been funny in the stateroom scene of A Night at the Opera (”Steward! Steward!”), and it was still funny on You Bet Your Life twenty-five years later. He was a pro, Groucho was, and I did right by him; I modulated that pitch myself.

Rated R. Contains profanity, and real and simulated persons behaving badly.

Featured Site:
Playing for Keeps

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Aliens You Will Meet - The Darlanians The Darlanians do not have travel as you know it, preferring instead to remove their consciousnesses from their bodies, and witness the world from a purely mental point of view.  As ghost-like apparitions, they will be very interested in your dependence on your physical body, and may attempt several ways to remove you from it.  It will be important to remember that the “body dematerializer device” that they will try to put you in does exactly what you might expect.
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Episode 157: It's Never Just A Game I chat with Nathan Paoletta about game writing, mechanics, theory, and his excellent games "Carry" and "Annalise."  If you're thinking about writing your own games, are dedicated gamer, or are just curious as to how a game about the wrenching era of Vietnam can lead to an afternoon of enjoyable entertainment, do not miss this interview.

Nathan's gonna be at GenCon, so if you see him there, tell him "Hi" for me.

More info about Nathan's games can be found at  "Annalise" has her own corner of the web,

The Voice of Free Planet X theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of
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Aliens You Will Meet - The Crawbiwah Though your tongue is still healing from your encounter with Soyrn cuisine, it will not hamper your interaction with the Crawbiwah.  The Crawbiwah have banished the spoken word from their culture, preferring instead to sit in silence.  While this makes it difficult to know when the meeting is over, rest assured that at some point, the meeting will end.  Bring a lunch.  And a dinner.  And a breakfast.  And another lunch.
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Aliens You Will Meet - Soyrn On Soyrn, the carnivorous plant people who rule will invite you to a typical Soyrn meal.  While it will be impossible for you to eat the small, kitten-like creature they will serve you, it is acceptable to put it’s head in your mouth, remove it, and then compliment the chef on her excellent preparation.  Keep in mind that the Soyrnites do not cook food so much as stun it, and it may awaken before you get a chance to remove it’s head from your mouth.

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