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Escape Pod 115: Conversations With And About My Toothbrush By Derek Zumsteg.

Read by Jared Axelrod (of The Department of Public Words).
"I read an interesting forum post last night,? my electric toothbrush told me over its low burr."

"Thiff ouff thew be thood," I said through my mouth of foam.

“It was!? he replied. “Using readily available components, Monkeymonkey turned his Intellibrush into a milk frother."

I spit into the sink and set my toothbrush in its white ceramic charger. "What would I do with a milk frother?"

"Make cappucinos," my toothbrush said, with a hint of resignation, as I rinsed and spit again.

"I don’t drink cappucinos," I said.

"You could start!"

Rated G.  Contains a very mild reference to vibrating appliances.

Referenced Sites:

U.S.S. Mariner

Senses Five Press

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Episode 48: THE WATER'S FINE In the St. Lawrence River, the one that goes from NY to Canada, biologists have discovered pods of beluga whales with cancer. Not just with cancer, but with the highest cancer rates of any wild animal studied. Some of the dead whales are so suffused with pollutants that they qualify as hazardous waste.

Researchers have also found something else in the river: Botulism. Botulism is a disease caused by a bacterial toxin that cause paralysis, and, if not properly treated, death. It's in the fish, in the birds, the entire wildlife. It's in the soil.

And it's beautiful place. Even in the danger area, the "Area of Concern," as the Environmental Protection Agency calls it. It's one of the prettiest rivers you'll see.

This is a river that is still fished in. It is a river that people bring their families to, to boat and swim in. This river, home to toxins, to cancerous animals is frequently swam in by children.

As the world around us becomes slowly poisoned, we are determined to not let it ruin our routines. Guest reader and composer Russell Collins explores this bizarre form of courage in this episode, THE WATER'S FINE.

Russell Collins is a musical composer and singer. In addition to reading the preceding story, he also wrote the performed the score, as well as the VoFPX theme. You can find out more about Russell

"Floating Away" was performed by Folio and was made available curtsey of the of the Podsafe Music Network. You can find out more about them at

ALIENS YOU WILL MEET, another fine Free Planet X studios podcast, is going to have a live show at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Live, real puppets will be enacting a very special extended narration, and I hope to see you there.
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