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Random Signal #66 - All Aboard the Christmas Train! It's Christmas! To celebrate, I bring you an extra-long episode filled with wine, women, and song. And chocolate cookies. All songs by Beatnik Turtle from The Song of The Day podcast.

The Christmas Train (Song of the Day for 12/10)

04:00 I welcome my two special guests: Jared Axelrod, host of podcasts The Voice of Free Planet X and Aliens You Will Meet, and JR Blackwell, host of Voices of Tomorrow.

08:58 JR is a runner-up in Violet Blue's list of the Top Ten Sexy Geeks of 2007!

11:44 How to tell if your waiter is Wolverine.

18:33 Christmas Is Coming To Your House (Song of the Day for 12/9)

21:06 We discuss "Comfort and Joy" the Justice League Christmas special. For the record, the Ultra-Humanite was voiced by Ian Buchanan, not Kelsey Grammer.

28:25 The Ultra-Humanite vs NPR

34:18 Fun with Mythology Pt. 1

A short reading from Classical Myths That Live Today (Silver, Burdett & Co., 1927) by Frances E. Sabin (who was a woman, incidentally).

Question for discussion: Is classical mythology a "girl's subject"?

38:45 Christmas Is a Vulture (Song of the Day for 12/12)

42:28 Fun with Mythology Pt. 2

Question for review: Was Juno justified in her jealous attitudes toward Jupiter?

50:00 Coed Naked Drunk Xmas Shopping (Song of the Day for 12/11)

52:16 Trader Joes's Candy Cane Joe-Joe's: "Oreos to the next, NEXT level."

55:00 Will Jared and JR ever discover the true meaning of Empire Day?

58:59 A Random Signal exclusive--JR Blackwell will launch her new podcast, Blackmail, early 2008!

01:01:10 For Lee at the I Motor Away podcast, "I Motor Away In a Manger" a drunken, a capella, improv (mostly), karaoke Christmas carol.
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