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Episode 11: CURSE OF THE FORWARD-THINKING GENTLEMAN, part 2 In which our narrator comes face to face with the monstrosities that lurk within the house of Algernon Feldspar, and learns the true nature of this unusual fellow. You will find the first part of this tale here

"Rubber Angel" was written and performed by Spit, and is available at You can find out more about Spit at and

This episode also featured "Engelorum" and "RUST part 1 " byThe Vernian Process.

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Episode 10: CURSE OF THE FORWARD-THINKING GENTLEMAN, part 1 In which our narrator recounts his involvement with Basil Fohrsight, and pursues a man with a cunningly bizarre arm. But what wonders and horrors might lie within the home of such a man?

"Down In The Meadow" was written and performed by Spit, and is available at You can find out more about Spit at and

This episode also featured "Engelorum" and "RUST part 1 " by The Vernian Process.

News and information about the Blooker Prize can be found at the Lulu Blooker Blog. Since the entries up for veiw are displayed alphabetically, my entry, TALES FROM THE UNCANNY VALLEY, is diabolically close in proximity to Cheeseburger Brown's SIMON OF SPACE.
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THE DEEDS OF THE DESPERATE Al Savage relates the story of his too-close-for-comfort meeting with the man known only as The Bat. But Savage strangely has no fear of this dark knight. Could it be there is something else in this world that frightens him more?

"Leaves Do Fall" was written and performed by The Rosebuds, and is available on their album "Birds Make Good Neighbors" which can be purchased via iTunes. You can find out more about the Rosebuds at

This episode also featured "Sukothai Rain" and "The Darkening Ground" by Jami Sieber. More information and work by this artist can be found at

Be sure to listen to Voices Of Tomorrow, the official podcast of

Special thanks to Brendan Dalton and J.R. Blackwell for lending their voice talents for this episode.
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Episode 8: LIGHT OF OUR FATHERS Life with a compulsive Groucho Marx impersonator might not be so bad, but after 13 years, it starts to wear thin. It's a war of wills between a teenage girl and her father, and Hanukkah is battlefield.

"Lydia The Tattooed Lady" was written by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg and performed by Groucho Marx, and was first used in the movie At The Circus

This episode also featured "Rabbis Table," by the Stick And Rag Village Orchestra, and "Minas Tirith," by Howard Shore. Thanks again to J.R. Blackwell, for reading this weeks episode. You can read some of Ms. Blackwell's own writing at
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