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Episode 172 - Lucky Kinichi and Karate Robot Z at Guilford College

We're just one episode away from a major style shift at The Voice of Free Planet X. I talk about a bit about the ideas that have influenced this change, and ponder the true difference between podcasting and radio. Credit to Adam Ragusea of the ever-thought-provoking The Pub for helping me crystalize my thoughts on the subject. You should listen to entire interview with Eric Nuzum. It's great stuff.

This live reading was recorded at What The Hell Con at Guilford College. Thank you, Yahting Club, for inviting my wife, J.R. Blackwell, and I to speak. We had a great time.

"Lucky Kinichi and Karate Robot Z" was published in "Trust Me: A Doll Anthology." You can purchase "Trust Me" from Drive Thru Fiction at

The VoFPX theme was written and performed by Russell Collins.

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Episode 171 - Favor Fishing at the Emerald Street Urban Farm

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the discontinuing of BIG DAMN HEROES for the foreseeable future. I have my reasons, as you'll hear in the episode.

This live reading was recorded at the Corn Belt Alamanac release party at Emerald Street Farm. You can purchase the Corn Belt Alamanac from The Head and The Hand Press at

The VoFPX theme was written and performed by Russell Collins.


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