The Voice of Free Planet X

Out of this world fiction from Jared Axelrod


On a chess board, it's easy to see the pieces, and know the pawns from the royalty. But often, the world is less black and white.

"You're An Animal" was written and performed by the Masochist Monkey Circus. You can find out more about The Masochist Monkey Circus at their MySpace page

This episode also featured "Louise" bySkeletonbreath. You can find out more about Skeletonbreath at

You can both read and listen to Hrekka's FIVE MILES TO EDEN at it's home on DeviantArt

News and information about the Blooker Prize can be found at the Lulu Blooker Blog.
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Finally, a promo I'm happy with. Feel free to advertise my show with this, if you're a fan.
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