The Voice of Free Planet X : The Cast of "Paused"

True stories of fictional people, from Jadzia Axelrod


Voice of Free Planet X #177 drops Sept. 15 with the largest cast yet! Rasheedah Phillips, Alasdair Stuart, A. F. Grappin, Laura Burns & Erin Kazmark join me for a story about stranded time-travelers!

Episode #177, "Paused," has the largest cast yet and is one of my favorite episodes so far. Just look at this cast:

Rasheedah Phillips of the AfroFuturist Affair! Alasdair Stuart, host of Pseudopod! , A. F. Grappin & Erin Kazmark of The Melting Podcast! Laura Burns, president of The Parsec Awards!  Somehow, I convinced all of them to join me for a story about a support group for stranded time-travelers, and they were all fantastic.

"Paused" comes out tomorrow, and I just can't wait to have you hear it!

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