The Voice of Free Planet X : Pseudopod 041: Fingerbones Hung Like Mobiles

True stories of fictional people, from Jadzia Axelrod


Pseudopod 041: Fingerbones Hung Like Mobiles

By Paul Jessup

Read by Jared Axelrod

“These woods are filled with spirits,? she said, “Not like the spirits of the dead. Older spirits. My grandma told me about them. She said that once these spirits used to help people, they were noble and good. And then people stopped praying to them. Stopped giving them food and friendship. Now the spirits are sick, and they wander these woods looking for companionship.?

Brad laughed and drank some of the vodka.

“What a load of shit,? Brad said, “Is that supposed to be scary, huh Carla? I don’t buy it. Not one bit.?

Little Man looked nervous. It was hard to reconcile this story with what we saw only a few hours ago. “Don’t worry Little Man,? Brad said, “Carla’s just pulling our legs. Ain’t that right??
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