The Voice of Free Planet X : Fangs Out! The VoFPX Shirt For August

True stories of fictional people, from Jadzia Axelrod


Jason Morningstar, who you may remember voicing Wimple in The Voice of Free Planet X episode, What They Left Behind, has, in his infinite brilliance, designed this amazing "Fangs Out" logo to go with the latest episode of The Voice of Free Planet X, Living In V-Town. And I love it so much, I'm making it a limited edition t-shirt!


Fangs Out - Women


Fangs Out - Men


That's right, this awesome shirt will be available for the month of August ONLY. Better snatch it up while you can! While you're hanging out in the Voice of Free Planet X shop, feel free to take a look at the VoFPX t-shirts, mugs and GPR totebags that are for sale. 'Course, if you want that cool metallic VoFPX t-shirt, you'll have to be a Patreon backer...

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