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The phenomenal cast of the upcoming Voice of Free Planet X Christmas special: Russell G Collins, Dave Robison, Jeff Stormer, and J.R. Blackwell! Its enough to get visions of sugarplums dancing in your head!

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Fan-favorite Lucifer, Who Is The Morningstar, sits down for an interview the likes of heaven and hell have ever seen! Can Jared handle this most demonic of guests? And what of the infernal entourage lurking in the shadows?

Recorded live at the Philadelphia Podcast Festival!



The Voice of Free Planet X is written and directed by Jared Axelrod.

This episode could not have existed without the performances of Zaki Hagins, Russell Collins, CJ Higgins of My Gay Agenda, Phil Thomas and Andy Hunter of West Phillians, Jennifer Rodgers, J.R. Blackwell and the support of listeners like you. You can support the Voice of Free Planet X at

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Check out photos of the amazing demon makeup Sara Gates did at

The Voice of Free Planet X is distributed by Galactic Public Radio.

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That’s right, The Voice of Free Planet X returns for a live show at Balticon 52, Saturday at 5pm in the Pride of Baltimore II room. I’ll be joined by a host of podcast luminaries, some familiar voices to loyal listeners and some brand new to the show! It’s all happening at Balticon 52, Saturday at 5pm in the Pride of Baltimore II room

You won’t want to miss it!


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VFPX regulars Phil Thomas and Andy Hunter as Salamander Keep and Loam Sodden, thanks to incredibly make-up work of Sara Gates!

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Come out to the first ever live performance of The Voice of Free Planet X in Philadelphia! We're taking over the Art Church of West Philadelphia and turning it into the pulp-tastic headquarters of the End of Time Club for "The Wake of the Lacuna!"

There's no adventurers braver than the End of Time Club! With a roster straight out of pulp novels, there's nothing these daring explorers, daredevil pilots and dark vigilantes can't face!

Except perhaps, the loss of one of their own.

When the brilliant detective known as the Lacuna goes missing, its up the remaining End of Timers to make sense of the mystery. Part of The Philadelphia Podcast Festival!

Come see this live performance of an episode of The Voice of Free Planet X starring: Len 'Cruze' Webb as Tom Brayve
Isa St. Clair as Abigail Airheart
Phil Thomas as Doc Cosmos
Andy Holman as Operative 7
Sonia Williams as Rachnae
and Jared Axelrod as the host of The Voice of Free Planet X.

Event is free, but space is limited! The last live event was standing room only!

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VFPX Gonna Give It To Ya

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HuxleyChrome Over at the  the Voice of Free Planet X shop, you can pick up the (literally) shiny T-Shirt of the Month: HUXLEY INTERPLANETARY! You may remember Huxley Branson's aborted space program from "Mistaking Our Mirrors". Now you can wear the logo on your chest! There are also coffee and travel mugs.

And of course, there are the usual VoFPX t-shirts, mugs and GPR totebags that are for sale. ‘Course, if you want that cool metallic VoFPX t-shirt, you’ll have to be a Patreon backer...

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Episode 161: DON'T WORK SO WELL

In the end, we're all just looking for a peice of someone we can hold onto. Especially zombies.

This episode featured "Into The Darkness" by zero-project.

The VoFPX theme was written and performed by Russel Collins of

Support THE COCKROACH STRIKES Kickstarter!

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Episode 43 - Above The Six Evils

In which Cardor attempts to clean up a mess, Ashe leaves in haste, a murderer is accused, the police are called, a chase is given, Ashe considereds a choice, and a leap is made.

The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of

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Back From NYCC...With Contests!

Steve and I spent last weekend at New York Comic Con, meeting longtime fans and creating new ones. We sold a huge bunch of mini comics at the con, and now want to give you a chance at getting a signed copy of your very own. Just email your mailing address to fablesoftheflyingcity (at) with "Mini Comic" in the subject line before December 1st, and you'll be elligible to win one of 10 autographed copies of the mini comic!

At NYCC, Steve and I were so blown away by Liza James amazing representation of Ashe, that we wanted to see more of the characters in the flesh. To that end, we are having the first Fables of the Flying City Costume Contest. Just send a photo fo yourself in your Amperstamian finest to fablesoftheflyingcity (at), with "Costume Contest" in the subject and your mailing adress and who your dressed up as in the body. All contest entries will be posted on the Fables of the Flying City Facebook page (unless you tell us not to). Steve and I will pick the winner on December 1st. The winning prize is the original art of the cover of the mini-comic, a fine peice of draftsmanship, indeed.

Thank you, everyone who came by the table at NYCC, everyone who is just now discovering us becuase of the table at NYCC, and all of you who have supported from the begining.

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Jared & Steve Like BLACKSAD

Jared Axelrod and Steve Walker talk about a noir mystery with talking animals, the gorgeously illustrated BLACKSAD.


By Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido

This episode also featured music by:

Muddy Waters
"Mannish Boy" (mp3)
from "The Lost Tapes"
(Blind Pig Records)

Buy at Amazon MP3

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Episode 12 : Gatling Has No Trouble Squinting

In which an old voice returns, the oddness of the wind is mentioned,  a hotel is appraised, the wealth of the wicked is tallied, definititons are relaxed, scrolls are hunted for, docks are seen, piracy motivations are considered, and the temperature and sweetness of fruit is judged.

Special thanks to Jennifer Summerfield for reading this episode.

You can ask Hanner Gatling anything at her Formspring page: She will answer. Of that you can be sure.

The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of

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Episode 48: THE WATER'S FINE In the St. Lawrence River, the one that goes from NY to Canada, biologists have discovered pods of beluga whales with cancer. Not just with cancer, but with the highest cancer rates of any wild animal studied. Some of the dead whales are so suffused with pollutants that they qualify as hazardous waste.

Researchers have also found something else in the river: Botulism. Botulism is a disease caused by a bacterial toxin that cause paralysis, and, if not properly treated, death. It's in the fish, in the birds, the entire wildlife. It's in the soil.

And it's beautiful place. Even in the danger area, the "Area of Concern," as the Environmental Protection Agency calls it. It's one of the prettiest rivers you'll see.

This is a river that is still fished in. It is a river that people bring their families to, to boat and swim in. This river, home to toxins, to cancerous animals is frequently swam in by children.

As the world around us becomes slowly poisoned, we are determined to not let it ruin our routines. Guest reader and composer Russell Collins explores this bizarre form of courage in this episode, THE WATER'S FINE.

Russell Collins is a musical composer and singer. In addition to reading the preceding story, he also wrote the performed the score, as well as the VoFPX theme. You can find out more about Russell

"Floating Away" was performed by Folio and was made available curtsey of the of the Podsafe Music Network. You can find out more about them at

ALIENS YOU WILL MEET, another fine Free Planet X studios podcast, is going to have a live show at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Live, real puppets will be enacting a very special extended narration, and I hope to see you there.
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