The Voice of Free Planet X : UltraCreatives Interveiw #10

True stories of fictional people, from Jadzia Axelrod


UltraCreatives Interveiw #10 It’s an UltraCreatives “two-fer? today: You’re getting TWO interview episodes for the price of one! Today’s first episode is with Jared Axelrod, a podcaster, writer, actor, director, puppetmaker, costume maker — there’s very little this man can’t do, which is why it was a thrill having him on the podcast.

In the podcasting community, Jared is best-known for his “Stories from Free Planet X? podcast. J.C. Hutchins and Jared speak at length about that and his other creative endeavors. It’s a hoot, and you’ll learn a lot about the life of a multi-faceted artist.

There’s tons of news for listeners to learn about, including coverage in The Washington Post and the groundbreaking “audience participation? invitation for all 7th Son listeners for the 7th Son: OBSIDIAN short story anthology … but there’s no time to do it in this episode. Expect an informal “Beta Clone Army Update? episode in a day or two.

Find Jared Axelrod on the World-Wide-Everywhere:


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