The Voice of Free Planet X : FanboyHell Episode 17:Jared Axelrod Dark Knight Interveiw

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FanboyHell Episode 17:Jared Axelrod Dark Knight Interveiw

In this Episode of FanboyHell with Otakon and other fun and personal stuff going on, I decided to do something a little different. This is my interview with the well spoken and dressed Jared Axelrod of The Voice of Free Planet X and Aliens You Will Meet podcast. I interviewed him a couple of weeks ago in his home. He was nice enough to cook a great dinner for me and MAinPA and sit down and give me some of his thoughts on everything Batman. I apologize if this isn't our normal quality but this is pretty much me and him sitting on the floor in his foyer talking Batman.  We discuss everything The Dark Knight and some Watchmen and the state of comic book movies and honestly there isn't another person I thought was better for the task.  Jared is a huge Batman fan, writer, artist, podcaster, side show performer, puppeteer and one of the most prolific(and good) cosplayers I know. The picture on the cover art, yeah thats him. I just want to warn you there are alot of spoilers and honestly I think everyone should have seen this by now.  Techinically MAinPA is also in the show as well you can hear her and J.R. Blackwell talking in the background the entire time. Hee.


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