The Voice of Free Planet X : Episode 140: D&D, Grimm Style

True stories of fictional people, from Jadzia Axelrod


Episode 140: D&D, Grimm Style A rogue named Jack. Cinderella, a cleric who refers to her deity as "god-mother."  A charming prince of a paladin.  Gretel, a witch hunter and all-around monster fighter.  A ranger with the skin of a bear and bottomless pockets.  A wizard with the preposterous name of Dr. Know-It-All.

Fairy tale tropes, or the greatest Dungeons and Dragons campaign ever?

Or possibly both.

It's a idea I can't see to stop thinking about, so, naturally, I'd thought I'd share it with you.

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  • Very cool ideas! I\'ve been thinking about things to throw at my players for the new D&D 4E campaign I\'m going to start next year; I hadn\'t thought of fairy tales as source material, but it\'s a cool concept.

    posted by: Chris Lester on 2008-06-19 10:42:00

  • D&D4 is out since last friday (and I played my first session of D&D4 then) Thanks for the great inspiration. Expect D&D4 character writeups for the group you mentioned in the show soon. The link to the Grimm rpg (for the d20 System) is

    posted by: Selganor on 2008-06-10 17:18:00

  • My friend Selganor brought up the grimm rpg, which is a lot of fun. There are some good play by e-mail fairy tale inspired rpgs out there as well. The Shrek movies play on the fairy tale tropes pretty well, all things considered. :) A fun episode, mr. axelrod!

    posted by: P.G. Holyfield on 2008-06-12 12:07:00

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