The Voice of Free Planet X : Episode 134: Drawn In INK

True stories of fictional people, from Jadzia Axelrod


Episode 134: Drawn In INK Russell Collins--yes, that Russell Collins, the one I talk about at the end of each episodes, that one--turns the tables and interviews me for a change.  But not just me.  You see, it is the eve of Wizard World, and myself and my good friend and artist Steve Walker are going to to continue to hock our wares to the good publishers temporarily residing here in Philly.

Yes, it shall be Damn Epic.

So Russell interveiws myself and Steve about the comic, about the research we've done for the comic, and about how awesome we are.

Luckily, we like talking about all of those things.

The Voice of Free Planet X theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of
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