The Voice of Free Planet X : Episode 10: CURSE OF THE FORWARD-THINKING GENTLEMAN, part 1

True stories of fictional people, from Jadzia Axelrod


Episode 10: CURSE OF THE FORWARD-THINKING GENTLEMAN, part 1 In which our narrator recounts his involvement with Basil Fohrsight, and pursues a man with a cunningly bizarre arm. But what wonders and horrors might lie within the home of such a man?

"Down In The Meadow" was written and performed by Spit, and is available at You can find out more about Spit at and

This episode also featured "Engelorum" and "RUST part 1 " by The Vernian Process.

News and information about the Blooker Prize can be found at the Lulu Blooker Blog. Since the entries up for veiw are displayed alphabetically, my entry, TALES FROM THE UNCANNY VALLEY, is diabolically close in proximity to Cheeseburger Brown's SIMON OF SPACE.
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  • My network of nefarious agents informs me that your campaign of shameless antagonism has already stalled, and it is only a matter of time before double-agents within your own fold unleash their carefully orchestrated plan and thereby coalesce my firm yet spongy grip of dominance, whatever it is we have differences over. Um. Oh yes, the Blooker. That\'s it. Well, to be frank you may win. \"Simon of Space\" opens okay, but it has a pretty ragged conclusion. Improvising novels is not something I recommend, really. Never the less, I thought I\'d give it the old college try. I suppose the only real victory I can claim is that I got my shit together and sent it off for consideration well in advance of the deadline, so that while the esteemed judges luxuriate over my awkward prose, they\'ll be stuffing yours in like the last mouthful of potato chips you shove into your mouth in a hurry just because you don\'t want to share. Alright -- that was libelous. Maybe you\'re a very sharing person. What do I know? I\'m going to go back to my mountain fortress and shout, \"AxelROAD!\" while I shake my fist at thunderstorms. Love, Cheeseburger Brown

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  • Great story, and nicely read. Looking forward to part two!

    posted by: PaulJ on 2006-01-24 15:27:00

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