The Voice of Free Planet X : Episode 7: AN X-MAS CAROL

True stories of fictional people, from Jadzia Axelrod


Christmas is about a Christ, a Messiah  But X-Mas, X-Mas is about an X. And X stands for anything; it's a mystery. And in a holiday that celebrates mysteries, only one thing is clear:

Barley was bread to begin with...

"Christmas In The Trenches" was written and performed by John McCutcheon, and is available on his album "Winter Solstice" You can find out more about John at

This episode also featured "Revenge Of The Sugar Plum Fairy" by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, "Broygas," by the Stick And Rag Village Orchestra, "Mezza Messa," by Falik, and "The Nutbreaker," by djBC.

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