The Voice of Free Planet X : Episode 5: BIG DAMN HEROES, CHAPTER ONE

True stories of fictional people, from Jadzia Axelrod


THE LAY OF THE LAND Before the West was won, it was a haven for savagery and brutality. And no town exemplified lawlessness more than Justice. That's something Clark Kent and only just found out, finding himself in Justice on the trail of an man known only as The Bat...

"The Only Son" was written and performed by The Jason Sinay Band, and is available on their album "The Jason Sinay Band" which can be purchased via iTunes. You can find out more about The Jason Sinay Band at

This episode also featured "The Easy Winners," performed by Max Morath, and "Sioux Flag Song" from the Northern Plains Native Americans.

My interview by Jason Adams is available in two parts at

I'm a guest at PhilCon this year. Here are the panels I'll be speaking at:
Sat 10:00 AM in Liberty C Science Fiction: Gen X (179)
Sat 2:00 PM in 303 Writing for an Online Audience (283)--365 Tomorrows panel
Sun 1:00 PM in Salon G Flash Fiction (284)--365 Tomorrows panel
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